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Latitude Photography Podcast

Jul 5, 2021

I recently added the Canon R5 to my toolkit and I took it out on a trial run for some major backpacking that will be happening later this summer and fall. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 121 for July 5, 2021 



July Topic

The topic for July is #PublicLands. Please get your submissions in by the 27th of July to be considered for the broadcast on the 29th. I’ll be going back to YouTube for these broadcasts, and I’ll try a slightly earlier time frame as well. We’ll plan on 6:15 p.m. Pacific Time. And remember the idea of CONTRASTS if possible.


Recent YouTube Videos

R5 Unboxing

Using Multiple Polarizer Positions in one frame

Importing and processing my first shoot with the R5.


Future YouTube Videos

Using a green laser to align a star tracker

Focus stacking, PS vs. Helicon Focus.


MAIN TOPIC - Canon R5 and the Wilderness

The R5, brief overview of the camera and how it compares to expectations.

The journey, Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Using the GPS watch to embed coordinates into the file.

Discussion on the images.


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