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The Great Outdoors Photography Podcast

Oct 5, 2021

We are taking a look at two smart watches and how they are useful for the travel outdoor photographer. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 128 for October 5, 2021

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August Topic

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Smart Watches for Photographers

Today I have Liam Douglas joining me once again and we’re talking about a two smartwatch options for photographers. Liam, welcome to the show!

Garmin Instinct Solar

  1. Battery life is amazing for a smart watch.
    1. Standard watch mode: Up to 24 days / 54 with solar
    2. Battery Saver Mode: Up to 56 days / Unlimited with solar
  2. 16 MB of memory which is a TON for a watch with the features it has.
  3. Shows Sunrise/Sunset right on the main face
  4. GPS Time Sync
  5. Health Monitoring
  6. Sensors (just the ones I’m interested in)
  7. Smart Features
  8. Activity Tracking
  9. Special Features
  10. Things I don’t like about it
    1. The watch won’t sync to the app without the app being connected to the internet. This is a HUGE flaw in my opinion.
  11. One thing I really do like
    1. When using Garmin Explore Map app, the watch will communicate my position live on the map in real time. Just have to download the maps beforehand if you’re leaving cell service.

Apple Watch

I use my Apple Watch quite frequently for photography and especially in conjunction with an app called Lumy. Lumy has some of the same functions as Photo Pills, but not as much to it as it is primarily for landscape and travel photography. It contains the following items for use doing these styles of photography. 

Tracking Blue Hour and Golden Hour with the time for each based on your GPS location.

Sunset and Sunrise tracking again based on GPS location 

Morning and Evening nautical twilight 

Morning and Evening Astronomical Twilight 

Total hours and minutes of daylight and night 

Live digital compass 

It also will tell you the track for the sun in the sky and the arc it follows. 

Lumy also has a few great Apple Watch faces that you can add to your Apple Watch. 

The Watch Face I use allows quick access to not only the time, but standard Apple Compass as a complication, a Sun tracking compass complication, temperature, and weather conditions at a glance.


(Now called “Outdoor Active”)

WristCam for Apple Watch. This is a nice bit of kit as it allows you to shoot 8MP stills and record HD video as well. Unit also has a 2MP selfie camera that could use some work, seemed to be grainy to me.

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