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The Great Outdoors Photography Podcast

Dec 19, 2021

Luminosity masking. What is it and is it worth it to figure this out for your photography? We cover this and so much more in this edition of Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 138 for December 19, 2021



I am your host Brent Bergherm and I’m so glad you’re here. It’s my ultimate goal to help you connect the dots between vision, purpose and achievement in your photography. We do that through meaningful conversations, lessons, tips and tricks and ultimately, inspiration to encourage you to get out there and make more photographs!

Thanks SO MUCH for being here :) I really do appreciate it!


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Lumenzia and Exposure Blending Master Course:

Lumenzia and Dodging and Burning Master Course:

Lumenzia and Both Courses:


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Year-End Challenge: Go through your 2021 images and select 10–20 that represent your best efforts of the year. Submit them to the fb group for the show so we can see what you’ve been up to and so that we can also cheer you on.

I’d also love some brief commentary. Tell us how you’ve GROWN over the last year. That would be amazing. Or tell us your challenges and tell us how you plan to grow this year. Use the Hashtag #TopImages2021

Main Topic


  1. My take on Luminosity Masking
    1. Started about three years ago, just dabbled
    2. Opinions on post-production work
    3. What happened this quarter
  2. Background knowledge needed before tackling Luminosity Masking
    1. PS layers
    2. PS selections
    3. PS masking
    4. PS save/load selection
    5. Anything else
  3. Understanding the idea of a Luminosity Mask and the logistics
    1. Simple to use, difficult to understand sometimes
    2. When to use a Luminosity Mask, what to look for in your scene
      1. Exposure Blending
      2. Dodging and Burning
    3. Techniques when shooting multiple frames
    4. Techniques when using one frame
  4. Starting the work in PS
    1. What to do in Lr or other raw editor
    2. Transitioning to PS
    3. Assessing the work. How to stack the layers, which order.
  5. Diving into the Lumenzia Panel
    1. D, M and L buttons
    2. (a) and so on buttons, 0-10 buttons, but as this is a starter type discussion, don’t plan to dive too deeply here.
    3. Apply section
      1. Sel button
      2. Mask button
      3. Two more of your most used options in this section of the panel
  6. Deciding on the selection and applying it to your photo
    1. Thoughts behind what to look for in the selection preview
    2. Modifying the selection defaults (adjusting the orange adjustment layers before hitting the “sel” button
    3. Painting in with the selection, brush settings etc.
    4. Applying more than one luminosity selection?
      1. Selecting different luminance values for adjusting different areas of the photo.
      2. Best to adjust on the same layer, or to make additional layers?
    5. Making a separate Dodge-Burn Layer (fill layer 50% with Overlay layer blend mode, apply adjustments to the layer using dodge/burn tools rather than regular brush (or can still use black or white brush too)

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